"Lose your mind helping couples to be free from the unmated man!" In a quiet and sunny day all the couples in the park pass happy moments together, but an intruder annoying these poor couples bringing the total despair! Help them during the various situations they will face, identifying the 'intruder as soon as possible!

How To Snowboard is the first application for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to learn or improve your skills in this wonderful sport: the snowboard! 

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Just one look and two letters "CB".
We can't say you too much but...
Get ready and prepare yourself to the new action story!
"A Skeleton story..." article in UK on Pocketgamer.co.uk! (link)
The well known iPhone site Toucharcade.com
speaks about us! (link)
YouTube awards for "A Skeleton story..." video:
- Most played of the month;
- Most played of the week in Spain;
- Most played of the week in Russia.

We Think

“Cogito ergo sum”: I think, therefore I am.
There are the words that we like most at KF lab,
because first of all the things that feed our projects
are the ideas, that makes us free!
Free to invent, free to dream!

We Design

The idea is the starting point!
An idea that needs to be developed, shaped and then designed, so that the idea become something real and useful for the people.
This is what KF lab continuosly work on. Create a potentially winner idea and gives it to everyone!

We Code

Give an idea to everyone! But how?
We choosed to transform our ideas in distributable products, hoping that this can makes happy a great number of persons.
We put in this project our ideas, our knowledge, and great desire to Code!

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